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Telcon Metals

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  • National Titles              1

Thames Valley

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  • National Youth Titles         1               

39th Field Regt - RA

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Thorne Farmers

Formed in 1972, this Yorkshire side began as a young farmers club but soon progressed to the Association circuit. Here they made their mark winning a number of Association titles and representing on several occasions.
  • National Titles              5
  • Inter County Titles       1

Tilbury Community

The Tilbury Community Centre Tug of War Club was founded and coached by Medlock Bibby in the 1960s and based in Thurrock, Essex. 

Totham Bull

Formed in 1990, this Essex club was made up of relatives of the Barber Brothers Tug of War Club, a well renowned team from golden age of AAA's tug of war. They began on the fetes and local events circuit, competing against other villages, pubs and young farmers sides.
 As they became more serious they joined the Association, where they earned a reputation for being a tough team to beat.
In later years they became members of the Federation, winning Federation titles throughout the 00's.
The club stopped competiting in 2014.

Treacle Miners

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