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Metropolitan Police / M.P.A.A

The Metropolitan Police, like all the services, have had a long established tradition within the sport of tug of war. London's Metropolitan Police were no exception and in the sports heyday each division fielded a side As times changed so did the structure of the sport within the Met and as the sides grew scarcer they finally merged under one umbrella as the M.P.A.A (Metropolitan Police Athletic Association).

Molesey Village

Formed in 1975 from ex members of the Molesey Scout group and regulars from the Royal Oak Pub, they did the local fete circuit until they joined the Association and entered the Rosedale League in 1976 to blood themselves in 'proper' tug of war. From 1978 they were coached by Tug of War great, and National Coach, Fred Radford formerly of BAC, until his untimely death in 1980. Though the club went on to make the quarter finals of TWIF World Open Club Championships at 560K that year, the club never recovered from Fred's death and disbanded in 1982. 
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