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New Haw and Woodham

Another founding member of the Association in 1958, they were among the top dogs on the AAA's circuit prior to that winning both Championship weights back to back between 1956 - 1958.
  • National Titles                3
  • AAAs Titles                    8

North Somerset

Information required
  • National Youth Titles         1   

North Wilts

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This Staffordshire Club has become one of the top sides in the sport of tug of war.
Achieving numerous honours in both aspects of the sport(Outdoor & Indoor) winning for themselves and as England representatives (ER):
  • World Titles                      2 (ER)
  • UK Titles                           4 (ER)
  • TWIF Open Club Titles   2
  • National Titles                 24
  • AAA's Titles                      4
  • Inter County Titles          1
The Club is still active.


This gritty Sussex side was formed in 1971 with the 5 Ridley brothers at its core.
They became National Champions at 600k in 1977 beating a hard Lincoln side in the final.
A further National 600K Silver in 1982 saw the club represent England as the B side at the UK Championships in Hay on Wye, Wales where they achieved a Bronze medal.
The club was a regular sight on the circuit until it disbanded in the 1990s.
  • National Titles              1
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