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This Surrey club was successful throughout the decades at National and International level. Achieving numerous honours 
and won for themselves and as England representatives (ER):
  • World Titles                     1 (ER)
  • UK Titles                          4 (ER)
  • TWIF Open Club Titles   2
  • National Titles                 17

Barber Brothers

This Essex club was formed in 1949 by 8 brothers - Abbey, Bob, Jim, Tom, Len, Peter, David and Bill Barber. The team competed in numerous local fetes and shows until they got the tug of war 'bug' and travelled farther afield to test themselves on the AAA's circuit. Gaining a runners up at the AAA's championships held at the White City Stadium, London in 1955.
Amongst the founders of the Association in 1958 the club folded a season later.


Originally formed in 1930, the club disbanded in the 1950s only to reform in 1966.
The club was a mainstain of the Tug of War Association but folded completely in the mid 80s.
The club was coached for many years by stalwart Norman Lee, who was also a Grade 1 Association Judge.


Based in Basingstoke, Hampshire they enjoyed a reputation as a hard, competitive team.

They pulled in the Federation under the name Lodden Valley, where they became 600K Champions in 1989.

  • Federation Titles                 1


This team were, like so many teams of their era, a company side, part of the British Bata Shoe Co. based in East Tilbury, Essex.
They were a competitive side and their company even produced a range of trainers for the indoor circuit.


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Beckton Gas

Founded in 1935,this Essex club had a long and successful history within the sport.
One of the founding clubs of the Tug of War Association in 1958 they were renowned for their fighting spirit and guts.
They reached many National & Championship finals but only managed a single National win, the 100st in 1967.
The club was forced to move when the club lost its ground after the closure of the  gas works. They moved down the road to Barking and changed their name to Curzon Tug of War Club in 1974.
  • National Titles              1

Bedford Ladies

Founded in 1988, they are one of the England's most successful and long serving ladies teams. 
Achieving numerous honours and won for themselves and as England representatives (ER):
  • National Titles     9         
The club is still active

Beech Hill Blues

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The Luton based club formed in ?? were very succesful during the 70's to 90's. Representing England several times and gaining top honours.
and won for themselves and as England  representatives (ER):
  • World Titles                     3 (ER)
  • UK Titles                          3 (ER)
  • TWIF Open Club Titles   2
  • National Titles                 20

Bell Harp

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This Hampshire side started on the pub & fete circuit in the 70s and joined the Association in 1975. Always a hard team to beat they unfortunately never gained a major title.

Brigg Ladies

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Britons School

Formed in 1995, this team were the youth section of the Rainham Lessa Tug of War Club and part of the Association's Startex program that brought tug of war to schools.
At the 1995 Association Nationals they won the 500K class and were runners up in the 530K & 560K.
In 1996 they were runners up.
They also achieved a winners and runner up at the Royal Tournament.
Sadly the team disbanded when the members reached school leaving age.

Broadmoor Staff

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Originally made up of Staff members from Broadmoor Hospital in Berkshire, they were another tough side.
  • National Titles              1
  • Inter County Titles       1

Broadmoor Youth

Information required.
  • National Youth Titles         7   


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