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This Devonshire club was founded in 1968,
and was coached by Harold Sercombe. They joined the Association proper in 1970, after cutting their teeth on the Young Farmers and Fete circuits. 


Formed in 1977, this Manchester club started pulling as Waggon & Horses before changing its name to Kilroe in 1982. An interesting fact the club had 7 brothers pulling for it during this period.
The club won many honours (Outdoor & Indoor)both for themselves and as England representatives (ER):
  • World Games                  1 (ER)
  • World Titles                     3 (ER)
  • European Titles              1  (ER)
  • UK Titles                         10 (ER)
  • TWIF Open Club Titles   2
  • National Titles                32
  • AAA's Titles                    10
  • Inter County Titles          9
The club is still active.
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