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RAF (General)

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RAF St Athans

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Rainham Lessa

Formed in 1983, when Curzon Tug of War Club lost their ground and had to relocate.
The club managed 4 National Bronze medals(680K,720K & Catchweight), Inter County 680K Silver and numerous County Championships.
The club was again forced to relocate in 1997 when their ground was sold for redevelopment.


The Northhants Club
Achieving numerous honours in both aspects of the sport(Outdoor & Indoor) winning for themselves and as England representatives (ER):
  • World Titles                     1 (ER)
  • UK Titles                          3(ER)
  • TWIF Open Club Titles   3
  • National Titles                10 
The club is still active.

Red Lion (Kent)

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A Kent side that was active from the late 70's to the mid 80's.

Reedham Vikings

This Norfolk club was formed in 1958 by Fred Cable, a club stalwart, until it folded in 1992.
 They were a well respected team on the circuit and were Norfolk County champions throughout this period.
  They competed in both aspects of the sport and in both the Association & Federation.
  • National Titles                       1 
  • Association Inter County     1
  • Federation Titles                   2
  • Federation Inter County       2

Reeds Medway

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This Kent based club was active during the mid 80s


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R O Westcott

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Russell Green

One of the great sides of yesteryear, from Sussex.

  • National Titles                       5 
  • AAA Titles                             2
  • Association Inter County     3
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