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Peldon Rose/Plough

Starting on the pub and fete circuit the Peldon team from Essex started in 1973. The team took their name from their local village pubs, firstly the Peldon Rose then the Plough. They were a regular competitor in and around the eastern counties but did venture further afield to test their mettle.


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The Pirates (Essex)

A founding member of the Association in 1958, this Essex based club trained behind the Ship and Shovel pub in Barking, Essex.
Trained by Tug of Association Award of Merit holder John Burgoyne. The club also had the services of Norman Lee, who also pulled with Barking and Ford Sports tug of war clubs before becoming a Grade 1 judge.



Formed in
Achieving honours in both aspects of the sport(Outdoor & Indoor) winning:
  • TWIF Open Club Titles   1
  • National Titles                 1
  • AAA's Titles                      2

Prince Arthur

Founded in the mid 1970's as The Old Crown, this Islington based club changed its name in the early 80s to Prince Arthur and was made up of all Irish born pullers. Powerful and gritty they were always in the reckoning at Championship events, unfortunately they never lifted a National title.
The club folded at the start of 1989.
  • TWIF Open Club Titles   2
  • AAA's Titles                    1
  • Inter County Titles         3

Punjab Farmers

Based in the Midlands around Smethwick & Handsworth area, the club was very active during the 1970s to mid 80s
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