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Outwood AC

Another founding member of the Association,
  • National Titles               7

Oxney Vines Cross

Around 1976, the remaining pullers and Doug Reed from the Vines Cross Club (Sussex) joined the Isle of Oxney (Kent), the club continued to compete as Isle of Oxney but changed its name to Oxney Vines Cross in 1982/3.
Their high pulling standards didn't change however, recognised as one of the sports top clubs and led by arguably one of the sports top coaches Doug Reed, they achieved numerous honour's both home and abroad winning for themselves and as England representatives (ER):
  • World Titles                     3 (ER)
  • UK Titles                          12(ER)
  • TWIF Open Club Titles   1
  • National Titles                 26 
  • AAA's Titles                    10
  • Inter County Titles          14
The club is still active.
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