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Hackney College

A short lived ladies tug of war team that competed at the indoor level only.


The club formed in 1983 as Fisco ToWC, and was made up of workers from the Fisco Products factory in Essex. The team were regulars on the eastern area circuit. The club briefly folded in 87-88 but was reformed in 1989 as Hadleigh.

The club is still active.

Harlow Sports

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Formed in 1988 from members of the Honeypot Tug of War Club, they soon made themselves felt on the Association circuit. They earned a very hard reputation regularly beating teams much heavier than themselves.
Medalling at numerous National Championships, they unfortunately never won a title. But were successful Internationally gaining a TWIF World Open Club 560K Silver in 1992, as well as reaching many semis and quarter finals.
They were England representatives(ER) at the 1992 UK Championships at 600K, which they won:
  • UK Titles                         1 (ER)

Hawkers Athletic

Founded in the late 1940's, as an inter factory team, it wasn't long before that set their sights further afield and became part of the regular AAA's circuit. They were one of the founding members of the Association in 1958, which was convened at the Hawkers Club.
    It wasn't long before they made a name for themselves, especially in the 100st. weight class.
  The club disbanded in the mid 1960s but re-emerged in the early 1970s, though never reaching the heights attained previously  they were regulars on the circuit, winning many open events and giving everyone a tough pull.
  The club disbanded in 1992, after a long history,
due to lack of membership.
  • National Titles                 2 
  • AAA's Titles                    2


This Lincolnshire team was formed in ?? and later changed their name to Sleaford in ??. They were one of the many hard and gritty sides that filled the ranks of the Association.

Hedge End

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  • National Youth Titles         1   

Herts Tug of War Club

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Herts Ladies

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Heybridge Swifts

Formed c1980 Heybridge, Essex the club began life on the fete circuit pulling as the Purlieigh Queens and Maldon Fairies, before getting the tug of war bug and training more seriously.  They competed in the Essex County Newspaper League and other Association events. The team however folded after a couple of years due to lack of numbers.


Founded in 1970, originally as Barton ToWC, in Barton under Needwood, Staffordshire. The club joined the Association in 1974, moved to a new training ground and changed its name to Holland Sports ToWC, dropping the 'sports' in the late 80s.
The became members of the Federation in 1988 and in many ways became a 'bridging' club competing in organisations events.
The club achieved numerous honours and has represented England in recent times.
  • Federation Titles                      6
  • Federation Inter County          12
The club is still active.
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