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Welcome and thank you for visiting our website.


 It is the intention of this website to provide a pictorial archive for the organised sport of Tug of War within   England.

 This website is a solely private enterprise, created by supporters of the sport of Tug of War and to enable   others to share their memories with a wider audience.

 It is a strictly a non profit endeavour and images supplied must NOT be from a copyrighted source, however all   images used are done so in good faith.


 We will NOT ask for payment of any kind to publish your photographs, nor will we pay to publish any   photographs.

 We intend for each club within our directory, to include a brief history along with any honours that they may       have achieved.
  If you have any tug of war pictures that you wish to contribute, or any information to add regarding any photo   such as: history, venue, year, weight class, or pullers names, please let us know by referring to the "Contact Us"   page.

 All contributors will be given an acknowledgement for any images used, these will be found at the bottom of   the image.

 A full listing of contributors can be found on the 'Acknowledgements Page'.

 To begin with we will be concentrating on clubs/teams from England and from a period prior to 2000 (we feel   that the last 20 years have been adequately covered so far by dedicated websites, social media etc).

 ALL records, where shown, are reflective of the period up to 1999 (Achievements since then are not included). 


 Where organising bodies are mentioned within the photo labels, we have used these common abbreviations:


          AAA's - Amateur Athletic Association. (Sports governing body prior to 1958)

          Association - The English Tug of War Association.(Sports governing body since 1958)

          Federation -   The Tug of War Federation of GB. (Independent organisation founded in 1984)

          TWIF -           The Tug of War International Federation. (International governing body since 1960)


 We hope that this site will provide you with some nostalgic memories and an insight into the past of our sport.

 This website is not affiliated to either the English Tug of War Association, TWIF or any other governing body for   the sport of Tug of War.

 If interest demands, we may expand the site to include the rest of the UK and further afield until.

 Please be patient.

Something a little different - 
From the link below you can find a song composed and performed by Mark Mulcahy aka Joshua Francis, son of Martin Mulcahy.
"An affectionate tribute to a childhood and early adulthood following my dad on his travels throughout his tug of war career. The wonderful and inspiring characters I encountered and lessons learned. The most important of which, at least to me, was endurance".

Stream Joshua Francis - Part Time Son of Dagenham by Joshua Francis | Listen online for free on SoundCloud
Stream the video version here
Unknown clubs
We have received a number of photos of teams, that sad to say, have been lost to time.
We have put these altogether in their own gallery - Unknown Clubs (listed under U).
If you are able to put a name to any of these sides or have any info please let us know at 
Latest Updates
06 Feb 2024 -         Update -  New Clubs Added -  
                                                 Golden Valley

07 Sept 2023 -         Update -  New Clubs Added - 
                                                  Aylesbury Vale Farmers, Herts ToWC, Herts Ladies ToWC
                                                  Images Added - Brigg Ladies

13 May 2023 -            
Update - Vines Cross - Info Update

12 April 2023 -           Update - New Podcast - An Interview with Marion Kitchener 

18 March 2023 -        Update - Isle of Oxney - 1 Image & Information update
                                   Red Lion (Kent) Info update

23 February 2023 -   Update - Isle of Oxney - 1 Image

14 February 2023 -   NEW CLUBS ADDED - The Pirates(Essex), Wimbourne & District,
                                  Earl of Essex - 1 Image, Beckton Gas - 1 Image,
                                  Addendum - Forge Lane - info added.

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